19 definition by Paul Wartenberg

Combining ninja with bimbo, describes a female warrior in tight, revealing outfits wielding swords or martial arts weaponry. A hottie character usually seen in anime, comic books and hentai. A fantasy dream-date for geeks and fanboys.
Elektra, Zealot, Psylocke, and in cinema Zhang Ziyi.
by Paul Wartenberg January 04, 2005

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1) What the United States would be like if we legalized marijuana and brought back hockey;
2) A country bordering the United States with a smaller population, similar dialect, and a political/social ethos that is a hybrid of American individualism and European secularism;
3) Where Americans claim to be from when currently traveling overseas;
4) The country most Mexican and Central American illegal aliens are actually try to sneak into, but have trouble reaching because of the long distances involved, whereupon they find themselves trapped in New Mexico, Texas, California and Arizona.
It's Canada, eh? Keep our cities cleen...
by Paul Wartenberg June 29, 2005

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fries you still have to pay $2.99 for.
None given. I prefer mashed potatoes.
by Paul Wartenberg May 15, 2003

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One of 50 member states of the USA; Largest state in terms of population; home of American film industry; currently topping Florida, New York and Texas as The Most Embarassing State To Live In due to a massively hideous recall effort to install an Austrian actor as governor, at a time of a major budget crisis that will most certainly get worse before the next recall move that will take place the following year.
Also, a state within a day's driving distance to Las Vegas.
I'm voting back in Cali, in Cali, in Cali, I'm voting back in Cali (nah, I don't think so).
by Paul Wartenberg October 05, 2003

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A Hummer that dings the other cars in the parking lot.
Why oh why is that Hummer allowed to park in the Compact lot? It's humdinging everything!
by Paul Wartenberg January 25, 2005

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