3 definitions by Paul Bryant

(adj.) used to describe someone or something that has homosexual tendencies and/or qualities.
Man 1: My New Year's resolution is to stay away from girls.
Man 2: Dude, that sounds kinda brokebacky to me!

Man 1: What do you guys think of this shirt?
Man 2: I think it goes really well with your eyes.
Man 3: Yeah, but I wouldn't wear it with those shoes. Here, borrow mine.
Man 4: WOW! That was very brokebacky!
by Paul Bryant January 9, 2007
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n. an amazing blow job received in the state of Texas or from a girl who hails from the state of Texas.
All I want is some astrodome! Is that too much to ask?!
by Paul Bryant January 14, 2007
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n. a hand job; aka "The Handyman," "A Vila"
I thought she was going to give me some astrodome but she only gave me a Bob Vila.
by Paul Bryant January 14, 2007
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