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Abstracturdities are abstract absurdities. Concepts that have little relation to reality, either in usage or in reasonable thought processes. Given a chance, they will render any conversation an intractable mire of conceptual incontinuity.
"I would be obliged to tip my hat to him"
"Indeed. So would i"
"Which would be difficult, considering i dont wear hats"
"Er well then, bow"
"That just doesnt have the same... impetus.
Now thats a word.
I want a word like that for Christmas."
Boy, that sure was an abstracturdity. Who gets a word for Christmas? My conversation has been rendered an intractable mire of conceptual incontinuity.
by PattyG May 24, 2006

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Slang for the jugular vein in the throat.
I'm gonna juggala chop you!!!
Dude, that arrow just peirced my juggala!!
by PattyG December 04, 2005

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bush did 9/11 because it was an inside job. for example,1. the standard jet fuel in the U.S. has a burning point of 980 degrees. the standard steel beams have a melting point of 2,800 degrees. 2 right before the planes hit, there was a loud bang noice from the floors below. 3. World Trade Center 7 had fallen by itself. even though it wasnt hit in particular. 4. Illuminati
Guy 1: Did bush do 9/11?
Guy 2: damn right he did.
by pattyg June 22, 2015

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