2 definitions by Patrick [ ToXikfb ]

1.We live on a godforsaken island entitled Ireland
2.We do like drink but not all of us are Alcoholics
4.Built New York
5.Invaded by the british see Chav or Chavs
6.Capital city Dublin
7.Fun loving attitude
8.One of the most highly educated workforces in IT
9.Mostly Racist hahaha ;)
10.Im irish and your not muahahahahaha
How's a goin there paddy!
Would you look at that black n'tan!
by Patrick [ ToXikfb ] January 2, 2005
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a funny made up way of speaking that english cunts and americans seem to think irish people talk
ah to be sure to be sure, tis a beautiful diddly i day

top o' the mornin to ye laddy
by Patrick [ ToXikfb ] January 9, 2005
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