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The ultimate brotp. Everyone loves Condan. They instantly click based on their shared love for guitars and Jimi Hendrix. They will band together to destroy you with their bro-ness.
Did you see Condan the other day?
Yeah bro. I'm so jealous of their bro-ness. Why can't we be like that, bro?
Idk, bro
by Pancake203 May 22, 2019

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The absolute BEST couple ever. They are literally goals. This occurs when two individuals fall in love and unicorns and rainbows and glitter and butterflies and sprinkles shoot out of their butts when they look in each other's eyes. So romantic.
"Omg did you see Coopara today?"
"Omg yass girl. They were totes adorbsables."
"I'm so happy my BFF is in such a great relationship."
"She's so lucky girl omg."
by Pancake203 March 06, 2017

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One of the cutest and most precious couples you'll see. They're both super awkward and smol. Everyone loves them. They are both smol beans and won't make the first move, but they go on cute dates that are goals. Everyone is also jealous of them but that won't stop them.
Did you see Ardeleine the other day?
Yes, omg, they were so cute :)
by Pancake203 May 24, 2019

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