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1: November 9th, the release of Halo 2.

2: Can also be known as the Apocolypse of the Outside Dimension. Upon this day, traffic will go insane, innocent will parish from the desire of obtaining the game, and from then on, no one will ever see the day or night again.

3: In the religion of Xboxism, it's a holiday celebrating the release of Halo 2, and also it's dominance of Bungie across the globe.
It's Halo2uesday; load the Shotguns because traffic is gonna be a BITCH today and I am not gonna -Blam!-ing put up with it.
by Palatine October 11, 2004
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A penis using the "Trojan" brand condom.
Trojan Horse! Watch out for hidden surprises!
by Palatine August 11, 2004
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A religious national holiday set forth for the day of November 9th.

It is a day where everyone takes a day off to throw a gigantic, medium-sized, and/or small LAN party for what-ever game they desire.

This day can be used for the sad excuse of staying home for the release of Halo 2, and/or playing it with a house-hold of friends in a LAN-party ordeal.

The origin of the term is from a comic of Ctrl + Alt + Del.
"I'm sorry Ethan, I'm going to need you here in the store. I can't let you take time off just so you can play Halo 2 all week!"

"I need the time off for obervance. It's a religious holiday."

"Oh yeah? What Religion? What Holiday?"

by Palatine October 06, 2004
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