3 definitions by Pail/Concussed/Crevice

The combination of the words and the states of being both 'drunk' and 'happy'. Really Awesome.
Person 1: "Dude how are you feeling after drinking those two sixes ahnd all those lucky cans and then throwing up a weeks worth?"
Person 2: "Ddrrraaaaaappy :D"
Person 1: "Good to hear bro, good to hear".
Person 3: "Lets ruin this guy's night with drama!"
Person 4: "I'm so far from being drappy."
by Pail/Concussed/Crevice January 13, 2008
The pleasant "high" feeling one acquires around close friends, often compared to being on some sort of drug. Accompanied by lots of laughing, stupidity, excitement, good conversation, and loud obnoxiousness, ie the act of getting "high" off another's good friendship vibes.

Often considered a replacement for drugs and alcohol, though not heavily supported.
1. "Let's hotbox this room with our friendship!"
2. "Watch the dosage on THAT friendship, Carlos..."
3. "Lets get friend high tonight"
by Pail/Concussed/Crevice January 13, 2008
Clean, loud, sharp, and clear-sounding physical contact. Has a ring to it. 'Crisp' may refer to spanks, slaps, snaps, claps...etc but is most common used in the description of successful high-fives.
1. "That was a crisp high five"
2. "No, when he spanked me it wasn't crisp at all. It was more like his hand peeled away"
by Pail/Concussed/Crevice January 13, 2008