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Smell it. What do you smell?
by PW August 08, 2003

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Hetero anal sex. Apparently, Steve had an up the chocolate cave only policy with his lady friends. (Unverified fact)
I gave my girlfriend a McQueen for Christmas this year.
by PW January 04, 2005

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Variable valve timing engine technology prominently used by Honda.

Preferred by lifters the world over.
V-Tec! Shit that's fast!
by PW January 04, 2005

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(noun) Increasing the worth of something good, specifically, another noun.
"Today is beautiful."
"A baked potato! There's a party tonight!"
"That girl is really smart."
"I'd have to say she's baked potato. Look how hot she is!
by PW March 25, 2004

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A person of many principles, mostly of goodwill. Also, a hero in many facets.
"Hey, that Mother Theresa was a real Snoof."

"Arnold Schwarzenegger really plays a great Snoof in movies."
by PW January 31, 2005

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(n)Time of the year where girls go chaotic
(v) Get pissed off
1.) Sally can't swim due to her PMS
2.) OMG ur PMSing Sally
by PW March 03, 2003

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