13 definition by PHiSH

Noun. Any mad australian that has had too much to drink, been thrown out of a pub and is laying in the street with his trousers around his ankles sobbing and vommiting - constantly living the fu fu meat u moment.
Why is Cobby crying like a bitch? Why is he half-stripped? Has he been raped? What a chunderwuzzer.
by Phish April 13, 2005

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Quote. The last words of Big Col (the famous poet) before he collapsed in a mixture of ketchup, gravy and pie. Big Col was extremely drunk and had no idea where he was, what he was doing or what he was saying. This term is used by anyone trying to express the same in their last statement before unconciousness.
Schlabb mraa? Splerr. What? Bastard. Curry. Mfurrah... Fu fu meat u.
by Phish April 10, 2005

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fruity rapper that has no skills at rapping and is a redneck who is a mamas boy. G-Unit.Peace and Hair grease.
by Phish September 19, 2003

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A life vest that you use like a jacket.
Hey you have a NAF NAF, what did you do jump ship or sumfin?
by PHISH November 24, 2003

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Facial expression most commonly seen on the face of someone having a poo.
I love you honey, but you'll never see my illingworth.
by Phish April 11, 2005

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a long sleeved life vest used as a jacket. see also PFD, NAF NAF or (NAF)^2
You have a NAF NAF! You are a homophobic hetrosexual.
by PHISH November 24, 2003

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