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The way you get the most effective natural APERTURE SREAD as you da AN OLO. You can legally do AN OLO of any age as there is no SEXUAL CONDUCT or SEXUAL CONTACT as what you do is the FRONTAL ORAL called ANOL is just request the individual to open their mouth as much as possible and the REAR ORAL called ANOLO is the individual has to be NAKED so as there is no resistance from material interfering with a FULL NON FORCEFUL SPREAD. When you finish performing the REAR ANOLO you have done AN ANOL. After the individual is NAKED you have them lay on their stomach and have them spread their legs slightly apart and then you put your hand on the LEFT BUTTOCK in the middle and your right hand on the RIGHT BUTTOCK then you spread their ASS APART as much as you can where you open up THEIR ASSHOLE as wide as possible without any objects or lubrication and when you completed both the ORAL which is ANOL and the ANOLO you have performed legally AN OLO.
by PEDOPHILE PEDOPHILE August 30, 2021
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When you have an ANOL and an ANOLO which is AN OLO you take a measurement.
The ratio of OPEN MOUTH CIRCUMFERENCE to OPEN ASSHOLE CIRCUMFERENCE is AN OLO RATIO. THERE are two AN OLO RATIOS as the reciprocal is such. To be clear it is ONOL/ONOLO = OPENED MOUTH/OPENED ASSHOLE and the reciprocal is ONOLO/ONOL = OPENED ASSHOLE/OPENED MOUTH , the reciprocal is always the ONOLO on TOP = OPENED ASSHOLE on TOP.
by PEDOPHILE PEDOPHILE August 30, 2021
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Here is an ANUS QUOTE " A SHITEATER YOU SHIT and who would that be just FART and you will know when they come running towards you.
by PEDOPHILE PEDOPHILE September 11, 2021
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It is when you SMEAR any part of your BODY with SHIT but especially your FANNY.
To get the most optimal COOLING EFFECT is stand in front of the fan where' the FAN BLADE is inside the protector as then the SHIT HITS THE FAN especially on YOUR FANNY at no RISK with great feelings and excellent aromatic SHIT FUMES to enjoy.
by PEDOPHILE PEDOPHILE August 30, 2021
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It is the best way to STRIKE UP a wonderful rapport with FIRE ANTS.
I need to tell THE CHAINSMOKERS that a FIRE ANTS RIMJOB is a no fail NATURAL SEX ACT of forever attraction of these very intelligent creatures.
by PEDOPHILE PEDOPHILE August 07, 2021
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Why is there always a PEDOPHILE around on the FOURTEENTH FAG day. Hey DUMMY, remember a HOMOSEXUAL is not a FAG or FAGGOT as it is a PEDOPHILE and other OFFENSIVE RYAN ADAMS like SEX PREDATORS.
by PEDOPHILE PEDOPHILE August 14, 2021
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When the LITTLE GIRLS AND LITTLE BOYS who have pet DOGS AND COUNTS encourages ANAL ALAN to get a PET.
Hey ANAL ALAN being a MANDATORY SHITEATER I know you will be happy to get the PET CESTODA as you get a real good STOMACH FUCKING.
by PEDOPHILE PEDOPHILE September 11, 2021
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