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To finish one's drink at the pub and go home to give the wife a shag. Used when a) one is full up with beer or b) one has run out of beer tokens.
Bloody hell man! I've run out of beer tokens. I will just have to go home and pug the dog unless you can give me a sub?
by PCPuss June 30, 2009
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When one speaks a thought and immediately regrets it, wishing their mouth had stayed firmly closed whilst being mercilessly mocked.
In the Tough Arms pub...

"WOW This place reminds me of the sixties"...

"Hey guys - let's finish our drinks, go to the park and put daffodils in our hair!!!"

Mirthful scorn and abuse

"Fuck. I just had a no-brain moment..."
by PCPuss May 13, 2009
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Someone who talks absolute pish.
See that idiot over there? He is a total bladdermouth!
by PCPuss March 07, 2011
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