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Jim Mora, headcoach of the Falcons is attempting to change the definition of a football offense. Despite never having back to back winning seasons, Falcons fans are still cocky and ignorant. Michael Vick (RB) is their main weapon on offense. Occaisionally Jim Mora mixes up plays and has Vick throw the ball, but usually into the ground.

NFL defenses has figured out Atlantas scrambling offense, as long as Michael Vick is their direct-snap RB, they won't make it to the playoffs
Person A: Did you hear Great bay (1-7) beat the Falcons?
Person B: Yeah, shows how great their offense is.
by PBNation December 13, 2005
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Game for 12 year olds that buy 11 dollar guns from the Chinese guy at the flea market. The other market is old fat angry men that like giving orders to their squadren members.

The markers are unnecessarily large and heavy just so they give these 30-year-old kids a feeling of power.

They would be better off using real guns.
Person A: Hey dude, want to play Airsoft in a little bit?
Person B: *Slurp* *Slurp* Yeah, when I'm done *Slurp*

Person A: I need a LASER sight because I can't aim for shit. This defeats half the purpose, but still.

Person A: Alpha follow Charlie. Bravo attack the rear. Foxtrot, beat off Delta.

by PBNation December 13, 2005
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Possibly the most overrated football team in the NFL. The Bengals faced an easy schedule with the opponents record that they beat is about 30-130.
Me: The bengals lost 4/5 games when they faced teams with winning records.
by PBNation December 13, 2005
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A website based on letting users review all types of paintball products. The reviews are filled with inconsistancies, bias, and lies.

a. Someone on PBReview said that their Tippmann shoots just like a DM4
b. Get back in the deadbox
by PBNation December 13, 2005
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