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this move is performed by a male as you stand over your partner while they are laying on their back. you attempt to finish yourself by giving them a facial, however, before you ejaculate you drop a massive lunker on them which resembles the thunder cloud. simultaneously or immediately after serving them your loaf, you ejaculate on them. the quick jolts of white semen shooting out of your spam javelin at their face, resembles the lightning.

this is more effective if you drink alot of guinness the night before, being that excessive amounts of guinness turns your shit black, like a real thunder cloud.

kyle- "dude, bro! yesterday, the sharks lost so to feel better about it, i unleashed a major kentucky thunderstorm on courtney!"

aaron- "dude, fuck yeah bro!"
by PARTY! November 30, 2007
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whilst crammin' your quiver bone in a young dame's asspipe, you take a piss, pull out, and catch the piss in a glass as it comes pouring out of her balloon knot. you then give it to that stupid ass that hangs out with you and your friends that no one likes.
greg- "dude, bud, that was an intense hockey game we just played. i'm thirsty as shit bro!"

kyle- "bro, dawg, let me get some lemonade for everyone!"

stupid ass friend nobody likes- "hey guy, this lemonade tastes weird, what kind is it?

kyle- "drink up buddy! courtney and i made it earlier. it's called turkish lemonade."
by PARTY! February 12, 2008
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This one involves 3 people, at least one being male and one being female.

the female is on a bed, with her back propped up by some pillows while the unsuspecting victim is between her legs snacking on the old squish mitten. in the mean time, the male in the situation stands over the girl, facing her and getting mutton dagger swallowed or just doin' some good old fashioned tea bagging. to the suprise the person chompin' downtown, the dude getting bagged decides to let off a major assplosion that runs down the girls chest and stomach,like a mudslide, right into the mouth of the poor soul munching on the stench trench.
kyle- "dude, bro! the other night i thought i'd let dan munch on courtney while she was tea baggin' me..."

aaron- "bro, sweet! how did it go?"

kyle- "bro, man, check it out! she squealed like i'd never heard before so i got jealous and gave her and dan a armenian mudslide."

aaron- "dude, fuck yeah bro!"
by PARTY! October 31, 2007
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