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Best beer in the world. Means "Royal" in English. Comes from the Polish capital Warsaw and is usually only available in its close proximity. Sponsors the best football club in the world: Legia Warszawa.

There exists also a strong version (the regular version is already 100x stronger than American pisswater).

Friend: Krolewskie or a BJ?

Me: Krolewskie, is that even a real question?
by PA42 April 15, 2009
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Name of 1st division Football (soccer) in Poland.

Possibly one of the most corrupted leagues in the world. Fans of the various teams of Ekstraklasa are known for their rather violent ways and a group of them could destroy any American sports fan back to the stone age.

Two classic powers are Legia (from Warsaw) and Wisla Krakow.

You're more corrupt than the Ekstraklasa
by PA42 April 15, 2009
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CWKS (Centralny Wojskowy Klub Sportowy) is the main club in the city of Warsaw. The other being the often overlooked and laughed at Polonia.

Legia plays in "Stadion Wojska Polskiego" or the Army of Poland stadium located on Lazienkowska street.

They are known to have the most violent fans out of any club in the world which often gets them kicked or penalized in UEFA competitions.

For example, if 1000 Legia fans entered a game between Boston Red Sox and the Yankees they would beat the hell out of everyone in that stadium just for watching the brain dead sport of Baseball.

Their mortal enemy is Wisla Krakow, a club from the southern city of Krakow that still thinks its the capital of Poland.
God damn did you see that Legia match yesterday? 20 cops went to the hospital with injuries.
by PA42 April 15, 2009
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