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She's in the "down-market" modelling business, which basically involves her posing nude or semi-nude (page 3 of The Sun Newspaper and elsewhere). She has a constant grudge against glamour-model Jordan because she became more famous than her. According to Jodie, Jordan said that she had boobs like "saggy Spaniel's ears". Jodie's a militant anti-fur campaigner (PETA), and made sure that everyone in Celebrity Big Brother 2006 knew it. She announced housemates "murderers" for eating meat and constantly said how Pete Burn's fur coat "offended" her. She had set out to correct her image in the Big Brother house but only ended up confirming everything people thought about her, examples of her "improving her image" in Big Brother included:

"My Idea of a night out would be getting wasted at a club, sticking my tongue down a fit-bloke's throat, go home and throw up whilst someone held my hair back, and cuddle up in bed with my dogs."

"Up for an orgy George?"

"I had an orgy...best night of my life."

After getting voted out of the house first, she did a show on MTV, "Totally Jodie Marsh" in which she was going to have auditions for a husband (or a "fit-bloke" as she calls them). This show was later found out to be fake, putting her reputation even further down the toilet.

George Galloway (MP and Big Brother contestant) confirmed that Jodie had told him that her teeth were not real, and that all her natural teeth were removed to put in tacky-white dental implants.

She is liked by some, however she tends to blank people out if they are not from Essex. She refers to them as an "Essex" boy or "Essex" girl etc.

"I know I'm gonna see Chantelle (after Big Brother), She's from Essex, we get on great!".
"I do wish Jodie Marsh would stop calling me a murderer for eating meat!"
by Oz123 April 21, 2008
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A huge nose that juts out with no particular definition or shape. It is often quite wide and long. It points in a slightly upward direction. It often looks unproportionate with the rest of the person's face. Women that have a nose like this often wear a lot of make-up in order to distract from their obvious flaw. Men that possess a nose like this often have excessively dyed hair (usually in bright or attention-seeking style) with a long fringe. They usually have an irritating level of obviously fake confidence.
"God I don't know why that girl acts like she's the bees-knees, she has a right concord on her!"
by Oz123 April 25, 2008
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