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A great excuse to do what ever you want to your friends or strangers. Here are the directions:

1. Get a group of at least 3 sexy ass peeps.(Sexy is not required, but it's nice)
2. Get em drunk.(Not Required)
3.Ask "Truth or Dare?"
4.Have them do what you asked.(Whatever that may be. They get 3 chickens passes to not do the dare or truth
5.The person asked gets the turn.
6. Don't chicken and be a pussy.(Definitely Required... Don't be a bitch)
You:Hey let's play Truth or Dare!
All these hoes: Okay!
You: Truth or dare... Kaitlin?
Kaitlin(Hoe): Dare!
You: I dare you to fuck your self!
Kaitlin: (Accepts dare) -Fucks self- (Declines/Chickens Dare)Uhh.... I chicken!
Kaitlin: My Turn!
by OverwatchMercyIV January 16, 2018
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