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A conversation that never ends. Yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started discussing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue discussing it forever just because theres no conclusion.

Circle Talk is almost always based on opinion, whether moral, political or theological. Or where there is insufficient fact to come to a unanimous decision.
God and Atheism

War and Peace

Legalization of Marijuana

etc. are all examples of Circle Talk discussions
by Overheal July 06, 2009

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A nonsense phrase seen widely in an early Simpson's episode. Added at the end of a Chinese whisper, ironically, as there are few if any phrases which can be mistaken for "purple monkey dishwasher". For this reason, it is sometimes used to check if communications are working properly, instead of ie. "testing" "mic check" "test test 1 2 3 check" and/or "syphilis".
"Say purple monkey dishwasher, if you can hear this."
by Overheal June 07, 2009

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The act of assuming that someone else is slurring their words but is in fact speaking normally.
"Oh you meant 'Jamie' not 'Timmy'? Perhaps I misslurred you."
by Overheal October 10, 2015

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