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That one person who is a total homie when it comes to helping you during school. Can be mutually beneficial between the two parties. Can also be toxic where one person acts as a parasite.

School Homies send you their notes, share quizlets, and keep you on track with assignments during a stressful semester.
"Kelsey is my School Homie, she made a Quizlet for our final exam and shared it with me."

"Jay did the assignment before me and sent me his answers. He's a total School Homie."

Jay: "Kelsey, what is EBP and when is it due?"
Kelsey: "It's our Evidence Based PowerPoint, and it's due whenever you signed up for it. I've told you more than 10 times!!! Check your syllabus."
Jay: "Kelsey, you're an amazing School Homie"
by OtisJ March 10, 2020
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Loose gravel spread across a space; unnecessary amount of gravel.
"Our road is very gravely"
by OtisJ December 05, 2013
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