3 definitions by Other K YT

Person: Hey Google, what events are happening today?
Google: Today is September 19th, 20XX.
Person: Hey Google, what day is Dance Day?
Google: National Dance Day is on September 19th, 20XX.
by Other K YT September 20, 2020
Referring to Amogus.

Yet another misspelling of Among Us, just slightly altered.
Me: funny mogus
Some stranger: man, shut up. amogus is dead.
by Other K YT April 7, 2021
Short for Too Much Kirby, which originated from a Kirby Superstar Advertisement.
This is the title of a Kirby ARG made by Maple Riot on YouTube.
Caller: TMK.
Caller: You're right, it's getting worse.
by Other K YT May 1, 2022