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A versitlie oral expression of resign, frustration, or joy, etc.
There's nothing on TV tonight. . . meh. . .
by Optimist November 07, 2005
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geeky alien from planet Smartalek with lots of geeky friends. Has been described to appear as a short Chinese boy with glasses
by Optimist May 20, 2003
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a human kukaburra who is less evil than it thinks it is.

has strange habits of banging its head against walls, eating strawberries, and feeling sympathetic toward Mrs. Mordaunt while plotting other peoples' downfalls.

note: whoever put this definition up is cruelly nice.
Cherii blindedfolded its eyes, walked off a cliff, woke up in a hospital, went to Taiwan, married a kukaburra, kiled a moose's diet, and lived happily ever after.
by Optimist May 20, 2003
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