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The ability to complain legally.

You DO NOT have the right to complain when the following is occuring

-The problem is something your unwilling to help stop when your perfectly capable of making a difference

-The problem is mostly your fault but your trying to make it look like it's not

-The problem is something your using to counter a complaint against you

-The problem is something that occurs naturally and can't be stopped without doing something extreme or impractical
Ted: McDonalds made me fat, it's not fair!

Bill: How is it there fault your the one who ate it....

Ted: They make food that gets you fat

Bill: Well you clearly didn't care to find that out before you

got fat so you no right to complain
by OpticalEpilepsy July 06, 2010
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You get these from somebody when they wanna know your going the wrong way with it and need to turn around. Basically it means they aren't tolerating what your doing and have a problem with it
Jimmy: Hey girl you lookin good what's your name?

Cindy: Why you wanna know that?

Jimmy: Cmon lets get to know each other?

Cindy: Why?

Jimmy: Fuck you you difficult ass bitch

(2 hours later)

Jimmy: I failed at talkin to this girl earlier

Timmy: She gave you the back of the traffic lights?

Jimmy: Yea I'm so pissed
by OpticalEpilepsy June 03, 2010
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