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A phrase you say went you want half of something. Whom ever you say Cut Deuce to has to abide by the rules and give half of what they have in their hand. The only way to combat it is to say not community or no cut deuces.
Yo, can you pass me a beer?

friend, ohh i'm drinking the last one

Word, cut deuce bitch!

friend, fuck!

halfsys half
by OmegaL December 11, 2009

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It is a phrase you say when you do not want to share any of your belongings, whether its food or personal belongs. It may also work on choosing mating partners.
yo, did you go to the supermarket?

friend replies, yes and i got some Doritos

You better hide it before your roommates come.

Friend, don't worry, i wrote not community on it!
by OmegaL December 10, 2009

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It is the alternative way of saying that you got Cock Blocked around a group of people. It used to inform a friend that he is cock blocking you when he doesn't even notice it. It's the negative result of a wing man.
Yo, what the hell are you still doing her?

friend, I'm showing Amanda how to do a card trick

Damn man, stop charlie browning me. Can't you see she's in my room!

cock block cock blocked wing man charlie browned charlie brown
by OmegaL December 11, 2009

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A blond (real or artificially colored), white girl, blanquita, snowflake who loves to party, doesn't pay for any drinks, and love to purchase expensive things. She love to name drop her merchandise and is rarely sober for an entire week. She is fun to be around and reckless with her lips! There is never a dull moment when Diana steps into club! You defiantly know when Diana is around!
Yo, who you came with?

Friend replies, Diana, but i don't know where she is.

Wait, I see her, she's by the bar, looks like some old dude is buying her a drink.

Damn, she works fast

blanquita snowflake whitegirl
by OmegaL December 10, 2009

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