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To be totally void of ejaculate due to cuming so often (i.e. by having sex often) that the only thing left to ejaculate is bone marrow.
Ive had so much sex i got down to the marrow.

That hot babe is marrow-worthy

I marrowed an angry pirate..arrrrr
by OilGig September 18, 2008
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Pronounced "Ma-tay", it is a variation of the Tony Danza where instead of smacking your lover in the head and asking them "whos the boss?", you instead grab their neck and twist it hard to the point of execution and tell them to "say it.....saaaay it....saaaaaaaaaay it". Then you smack her in the head anyway!!

A shining example can be seen at the end of bloodsport where Van Damme subdues his opponent
I go that ho to say Mataei

I Mataeid that babe from last night

I am yet to Mataei my lover

by OilGig September 24, 2008
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