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Between yesterday and tomorrow; in other words, today.
We're having a party tonight, because my birthday is yestermorrow.
by OhcaptainMycaptain November 25, 2009
Commonly confused to mean "a society one generation removed from an era of prevalent racism", it is in fact a reference to the newly developed ability of racists to "post" their perennial screeds on the Internet through the use of blogs and message boards.
It is no surprise that since the election, nut jobs have come out of the wood work on to their computers to post-racial rants against Obama.
by OhcaptainMycaptain November 23, 2009
To emphatically state your commitment to do something, anything, and keep up that unwavering pretense up until the final moment, and then do, with reckless disregard for all other party’s concerned, the exact opposite.
That’s what’s referred to as pulling an “erica”.
by OhcaptainMycaptain August 22, 2014