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A slang word for flatulance. Is mostly used by mothers of toddlers or young children, chicago gangsters of the '20's, and Cleopatra when adressing Julius Caesar's farts as they sounded that of a fog horn.
"Oh no! Johnny didn't just toot he went boom-boom in his diaper," said soccer mom Jill to soccer mom Rachel.
by Oedipus-Rex June 30, 2011
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An senile liberal fanaticist. Although his specialization is linguistics he behaves as if that of an expierenced political activist who has actually taken political science and economics as his profession. A propagandist and mud-slinger. Very much the male liberal version of Ann Coulter. Although he does have a very large fan-base it appears that anyone with political power that is not MSNBC believes he is insane and incredibly oppurtunistic. He has transcribed a series of books entailing his incredulous arguements. Most likely a friend of Michael Moore.
"Noam Chomsky is what it's about!" Pronounced Leslie Von Hipster,
"No, he is not," stated Norm Al Persen,
"He is a proffessor at MIT and he has received like ninety honorary degrees, so I wouldn't be talking!" Shouted LVH arrogantly,
"He is a proffessor of linguistics not anything closely related to politics and unversities often give honorary degrees to famed persons for public speaking at their campus," Retorted Norm.
"You probably are a gas-guzzler!" Cried Leslie as he ran away flailing his arms emotionally.
by Oedipus-Rex July 05, 2011
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Apparently considered by the rest of Virginia as "uncultured", obtuse, and border-line elitist. As for the elitism, this author can assure you as an elitist themselves it is not, and far from it. As for the cultural aspect of the equation it seems quite odd since there is a high content of ethnicities and nationalities residing in Northern Virginia. However, as the majority of the adults living in the suburbs of NoVa commute to Washington D.C., a government and urban area it is not as "Southern" as the rest of VA. Although, as the aforementioned population is very diverse, it does consist of a melting pot of culture, and therefore are more tolerant of a global community acting as one. Moving on, since Northern Virginia has lots of "noveau riche" folk (as said by someone living in a Southern part of Virginia) and highly paid government employees, it seems as if although cordial and when talking to strangers worry-free of politics, religion, business, et cetera; they are in fact quite knowledgeable of at least one of the topics. As for wanting to be part of the "North", this simply is not true as the Civil War is over.
I work in DC for the gov't but live in the suburbs of Northern Virginia,
by Oedipus-Rex July 06, 2011
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