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Pronounced "ka-VEE-ka". Hawaiian form of David, the Biblical name meaning "Beloved."

A man who is intelligent, kind, and respectful, especially toward women, which can be mistaken for weakness but he is in fact the go-to guy for strength and stability. Extremely empathic and perceptive and can be misunderstood at times.

Musically gifted both instrumentally and vocally. Kawikas are usually higher-voiced classically trained males that enjoy playing lower voiced instruments.

Extroverted, goofy, noisy, loves to laugh, optimistic, people-person, devoted, sensitive, respectful, admits mistakes, giving and selfless, not afraid to show humility, extremely intelligent, busy body, spacey, and fidgety.

A man with this name is exotic, from the South Pacific islands, namely Hawaii. His smile is unique and his eyes are like nothing anyone has ever seen. Ethereal and deep, his eyes set him apart, often deep brown or forest green. He may not be a tall person, but his magnetic personality makes the women flock to him in droves.

But he is loyal. If he has a prospective girlfriend in mind, or has one already, he is loyal her and no one else. Kawikas aren't cheaters and they love showering their special someone in gifts, often not asking or expecting anything in return.
Kawika: (yelling something incoherent or that doesn't make sense to anyone but him, especially at a group outing or sports event)

Person 1: Huh? What did he just say? It made no sense!

Person 2: Oh...well, ya know. It's...Kawika. It's just Kawika.

Person 1: Right...
by ObsidianSkye February 04, 2010

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