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A wife who is rich due to her husbands labor and pretends she has accomplished something of value.
A wife who knows her husband is screwing around but looks the other way and acts like a jail warden in order to hold onto the money and prestige of being married since no one else would ever want her.
A prostiwife is also a douchebag.

A prostiwife plays golf and tennis despite the fact that she is totally uncoordinated and has legs like a magazine stuffed in a jar.
He bought his prostiwife a new car and dreams of pushing it over a cliff to save on legal fees but then wakes up in the arms of his mistress.
by OOKatyOO February 06, 2010
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An actress wife who pretends to be good on the outside. The Good WIfe is usually passive agressive. Usually she is quiet would never say an inappropriate thing in front of anyone. However they are always sneaky, liars who BLOW LOUD when the doors are shut. A good wife nags a husband day in and day out and pretends to be the victim. She manipulates everyone and is never the victim she is the victimizer. Good wives spend so much time posing that they do nothing but pose. They are cold, calculating, moody, bitchy, phony, useless extremely lazy and privately very critical of everyone. They are adept at making up stories about other women they are jealous of-You won't catch them being what they are because they save the private hell for their husbands. Most of the time they choose a husband who has no idea how selfish and useless his wife is because he is feeling too guilty for running from her into the arms of anyone with a heart.
The Good wife will always appear sweet, diplomatic and unusually calm. In real life they are nuts and tend to enjoy liquor secretly.

The Good wife thinks appearing to be good makes her superior to other wives who are actually supportive and or working alongside their husbands. But by the time the good wife completes her smear campaign against anyone she is jealous of- the other woman looks like she is evil.
Don't trust your instincts around the Good Wife!!!
She is such a nasty bitch I wouldnt believe a word she says no matter how much she plays up being the good wife shes nothing but a waste
by OOKatyOO February 07, 2010
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