3 definitions by OMGcat

Woot woot it means youre excited its not prnouned AY it's EHH eh eh eh makes it sound good
scratchcat_14: It's my birthday!!!
cheetor4ever: Woot woot eh eh eh
by OMGcat April 3, 2021
oh my oh gosh
when your scared
OMOG what in equestria r u doing
i just made
by OMGcat March 21, 2021
Some people say it means the #### but it's actually Transformers

A lot of people use it and on scratch it's Transformers
On YouTube it's Transformers
But yeah it means a lot of things :D
TF Cyberverse is a good show
TFCV means Transformers Cyberverse (renamed Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures)
tfwiki.net is Transformers Wikipedia. See that they used "tf"wiki.net TF means Transformers
by OMGcat May 25, 2021