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The act of shooting loads on your girlfriends face in the dark whilst watching from birds eye view, wearing night vision goggles.
Yes bro, I used the Tactical Lodestar on her, just like black ops II
by OG Mudpipe September 08, 2018

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The Cleveland switcheroo is a classic technique that involves picking up a hooker on the streeet. When you arrive home you quickly undress (as you are excited to bang a hooker) and you pour your pile of blow on the table. The hooker then drops her panties, and her dick which was consealed (pulled between her legs) springs out and smacks the coke pile into your face, causing a near instant over dose.
:Did you hear what happens to max?
: he went out for a good time on his birthday

:what happened
: oh, some he-she gave him a Cleveland Switcheroo

:damn, poor guy
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by OG Mudpipe September 14, 2018

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