3 definitions by O-bone

An instance where excrement has turned wet or overwhelmingly soggy because of excessive consumption of alcohol or bad diet.
"I drank nine Red Bulls last night and woke up with a bad case of puddlebutt."
by O-bone April 15, 2007
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Where an individual must make quick time to a rest room to relieve himself, but is in such a state where he must clench his upper thighs and butt cheeks and walk with short, rapid steps, preferably with feet pointed slightly outwards.
"After that last pale ale went through me, I had to do the muddbutt shuffle to the washroom."
by O-bone April 15, 2007
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A rhythm during sex where entry is very shallow for two thrusts, followed by a single surprise deep entry. Generally used for teasing purposes.
"I teased her by going short-short-long on her for an hour."
by O-bone April 15, 2007
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