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Conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his reputation above and beyond the call of brotherhood while engaged in an action against any person anthetical to the universal ideals of brotherhood; while engaged in brotherhood operations involving an apparent or potential conflict with any anthtetical person (ie female).
Bro 1 -- Brah, Bill totally played it off cool. Greg would have been busted unless Bill covered for him and told the chick that he and Greg were "housemates" at Bill's sweet ass pussy casa.

Bro 2 -- Wow! He played along with it the whole weekend. Stayed in character? Let the chick stay over in his bedroom while he slept on the couch in his own home!?!?

Bro 1 -- Brah, I believe this act of valiantry is worthy of the Brogressional Medal of Honor! Did'nt even tell Greg's girlfriend... Strict adherence to the rules of brotherhood.
by NvRsAyDyE March 18, 2012
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