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Gangsta rap is the outcome of white corporations taking over a type of music in order to make money by commercialize sex, violence, and misogyny as a thing that only "black" or Hispanics do while caucasian people do the same exact things.

This new genre derived from hip hop and rap in the late 80's and 90's. At first, rap was made for minorities to express their difficulties of a hypocritical society. They used rap as away to increase attention on the sufferings that minorities faced everyday but as rap became more and more famous corporations began to take over rap slowly and instead of rapping about "Adidas" and on how the streets of the city are driving minorities 'to the edge" rap soon began a way to show how African-Americans are "thugs" that are violent, sexist, and constant drug users when in reality they are just people like everyone else.
Gangsta rap is racist. Why do they even play that on the radio?

Forget gangsta rap, I only listen to old school rap and underground rap.
by Numberonehyperactive January 10, 2011
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