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Pennsylvania home of the rednecks, prepy rich snobs, drop outs, druggies and your usual outcast, and coal crackers. This state is of course known for it's coal crackers, and that's what they call us. We have huge die hard fans of Steelers, Eagles and of course Penn state. Lewisburg is a nice town right in cetral PA but also filled with rich snobs and the occasional druggies. Then there's Shamokin/Mount Carmel area, we are the coal crackers, trouble makers, rednecks. Accually, every town you pass through in PA has rednecks. The sight seeing is great except for when you pass through most of central PA and all you see is broken down houses and trailers with a bunch of rotting useless crap sitting on proches and in yards. The woods and trees take over most parts of this state. Though take a walk in some of them and you'll see broken beer bottles and left over joints and occasonal mattresses because of course those teeny boppers have nothing better to do. Of course our roads suck, its true. And FYI, never move to a little town called Kulpmont, it's like limbo. It's only a mile strech of passing through, no one ever stops here unless of course they live here. Mount Carmel......is just plain stupid. It's main road is only one way and there's only one way out of the town, and of course, there are no signs that lead you to that way to get out. They want to keep you captive forever. AHHH!
The four fathers ghost's: How the fuck did this shit hole state Pennsylvania get added? Dumb asses.
by NuggetsMcGee November 12, 2009

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