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Kulpmont. It's like limbo on earth. Located in central PA near coal township. Pretty much just a mile and a half long passing through that takes you towards Shamokin or Selinsgrove one way or Mount carmel or Harrisburg the other way. No one ever stops here unless they absolutly need gas, then they'll stop at Turkey hill and get gas at their 2 pump gas station or maybe they'll stop at the ciggarette store at their 4 pump gas station. There's a shoe store, bank, crappy old hogie shop and a smelly dog parlour that's flee ridden. Lastly, there is a random Park, baseball feild and small joke of a skate park. There's a woods section behind there where the bored residents of Kulpmont go to smoke a joint or get drunk which is prooven by the fact you can always fine broken beer bottles, old joints and a matress. If you go back real far you'll find a fire pit and a bunch of Turkey hill iced tea containers and mountain dew bottles.
Mike: Where you say you live?
Jess: Kulpmont.
Mike: Damn, your life sucks.
by Nugg Nugg November 12, 2009
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