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Anaïs is a very funny and talkative person with very high confidence. She will do anything without any hesitation in most situations, She is always going out of her way for others. But don’t get fooled an Anaïs can be very moody/sassy. Anaïs also knows everything about everyone and has a good sense of humor.
i heard that Anaïs girl is pretty chill.”
by Noyb September 29, 2019
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Stuff that you keep lying around forever, and then throw away 2 days before you need it.
by Noyb May 10, 2003
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A guy in their late teens or early twenties who manipulates early teenage girls into sex.
That sleeze is a squeezer!
by Noyb December 01, 2004
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Thoughts that are of extreme sexual nature.
I cannot believe how long we f*cked last night, that was amazing, you make me feel soo drrty!
by Noyb November 09, 2003
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