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Some Romani dude with long hair, either acts tough af or hates any social interaction. Secretely has a massive dick and half the girls in class have a crush on him but he's completely oblivious. You rarely see Liviu without headphones, speaker, or any type of listening device.
Dude 1: When is Liviu gonna get a haircut?motherfucker looks like Tarzan.
Dude 2: Probably when his earphones get lost in his hair.
by NotRedLemons November 22, 2021
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Name for a romanian kid with long hair and secretly has a massive dick. Probably is a pothead but somehow does well in school. Think he's deep cause of the music he listens to, otherwise a cool dude.
Person: Liviu needs a haircut man, dude looks like Tarzan
Person 2: For real, his head looks massive
by NotRedLemons February 1, 2022
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