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Not only is it a tongue twister, its also a mind boggle. You don't want to learn about this at all, but you need to.
Teacher: Today we'll be focusing on The Human Genome Project!
Student: Oh shit.
by NotAWelshMan December 7, 2021
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Some headless guy that is under-rated from BBC Ghosts. Played by Laurence Rickard.

A Tudor Era ghost who had a wife involved with the French Revolution, or some shady drug dealing.
Person 1: Oh yeah, Humphrey Bone is my favourite character in BBC Ghosts.
Person 2: Who was that again?
Person 1: You've got to be kidding me Dave. Seriously?
by NotAWelshMan December 25, 2021
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There are four ways to put this.

1. The plural for 'butterfly'.

2. You can feel butterflies in your stomach when someone says something that can make you flustered.

3. Someone you like smiles at you and you feel butterlies.

4. That feeling you get when you see something you like on a pornographic site.
Person 1: Bro, I just felt butterflies.
Person 2: Woah man, was it because Stacey came over here?
Person 1: Yeah, I think so.
by NotAWelshMan December 30, 2022
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