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The Shashlik and squatting king. If you need something to look to in life, have no hope for human kind anymore, go watch life of boris. His calming Russian accent will make you feel inner peace for the rest of your life. Has the digestion system of a Russian bear that lived in the woods and killed more that 30 people in the woods for the past 30 years. Drinks vodka and kvass on a daily basis.
Man with crippling depression: I want to kill myself.
Life of Boris YouTube channel: Do not fear BORIS is here!"
by Not a kpop fan. February 24, 2021
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A name from a Malaysian drama that sparked fire among the Malaysian celebrity Janna Nick and toxic blackpink stans. The artist that it was named after, Lisa from Blackpink does not give f and doesn't care at all, so are the people of Korea. The Malaysians just want something to argue about lol.
Random Malay guy: "Yo, have you heard about the Lisa blackpig thing in Malaysia?"
Random Korean guy: "무슨 소리 야?"
by Not a kpop fan. February 22, 2021
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