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A series of books about a prepubescent teenager's rock hard abs.

"Twilight is for women and homosexuals."
by Not Good February 12, 2009
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The Signature look of a person with no mind of his/her own and only the mind of a clueless-hopeless trend-follower
"HO shit, that guy has Emo hair! Isn't he cute"
"You think that kind of shit is cute? Come on you just saw the same thing on a GIRL. I can't tell the difference, so it must be the same Chick we just saw"
"But how can he be a chick if he has no boobs"
"Why do you think that chick is emo in the first place?"

inb4 Boobs don't make women.
by Not Good August 28, 2008
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A truely average anime with no real changes to the traditional anime formula that so many people have come to love.

Basic summary: Lelouch is the prince of the Empire of Britannia. Britannia exists as an alternate version of the USA. The reason for this is of a decision Julius Ceaser to become Emperor of the Roman Empire instead of being killed. Anyway, Lelouch, the main protagonist, has his mother killed and his sister crippled. Because his dad didn't do shit to help his mother, Lelouch renounces the throne and vows to avenge this death. fast foward about 7 years and Lelouch is living under a fake last name in the Posh Section of Tokyo. Oh, Japan is taken over and is called area 11, along with the citizens going through the traditional poverty-stricken-because-they're-different scenario. One day Lelouch decides to be a smart ass and skip class and do something when he gets the traditional "mystic power" from some chick he just met. So the story begins
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is just more sheep to the slaughter
by Not Good August 28, 2008
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