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An abbreviated reply in Marine Corps ,Navy lingo short for Aye Aye Sir meaning I have received your message and I have understood it and I will comply .
Captain - make sure you have your platoon in formation at 0430 .
Gunny- Aye Sir we will be standing tall.

Yes sir
by Not that guy 00700700 February 17, 2016

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A highly trained tight knit special operations unit utilized to bring justice and support freedom. Although their exact origins are kept secret their makeup is comprised of the best and brightest from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and Law Enforcement . Their identities are kept secret as are their missions , but their nature is not , ranging from hostage rescue , hard target elimination , mobile threat interdiction, anti-terrorism and combating mass destruction.
I saw on the news that Chuck Norris got his ass handed to him in a bar fight, must have ran up against someone from WILCOM.
by Not that guy 00700700 February 15, 2016

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