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1. unsolicited e-mail;
dangerous as may cause material and virtual distruction to your hardware and software, especially to complicated and delicate systems

2. garbage you don't want to get anymore
1. my computer seems to be out of balance again, it must be due to this spam I have received recently

2. eh, stop sending all that spam, it only makes it worse
by NoNamess September 25, 2006

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the tendency of going too high on top and then way too low on the ground typical for women and people with unstable phyche and very overactive imagination which is causing from time to time a kind of nuisance to friends and colleauges who have no idea what's going on
Come on boy, forget it, she's just like that, sometimes this out-of-balance behaviour, we've got used to that already
by NoNamess September 25, 2006

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