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1. A labyrinth or a complicated maze, supposedly unsolveable. Can be applied to anything that looks overly complex or intricate in detail.

2. Any method that involves searching for, buying or finding cigarette-shaped candy. (archaic)
1. "Dude, you should have seen her bush, it was like flatmaze down there for real."

2. "We're all out of those candy cigarettes man, I'm gonna have to flatmaze it to the store and get some." "Bring back some Mountain Dew too."
by No Carl No October 28, 2005

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An idiom which states an increasing amount of danger or tension, similar to "the shit's hitting the fan" only much more terrible and apocalyptic. The phrase is partly ironic, as if to exaggerate the rather mild (though hilarious) premise of the "Snakes on a Plane" movie starring Samuel L Jackson, which has snakes on a plane.
"How bad was the motorway pile-up?" "Let me tell you, it was like snakes on a plane down there."

"How's your relationship with Chloe going?" "It's getting close to being like snakes on a plane man, seriously." "Damn, dude."
by No Carl No November 04, 2005

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