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When 2 lesbians are having a long distance relationship and are reduced to dry humping their webcam simultaneously during a skype session.
I logged on to my computer to skype with a friend of mine and the camera was really blurry. My roommate, Mary, must have been in here humping the webcam again during her scissor skype session.
by Ninjee Star September 21, 2012

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Sneezing, while sitting on the toilet, with half a turd already hanging out of your ass.
I was halfway finished with a slow, peaceful slam in stall #3, when all of the sudden I feesneezed and the brown torpedo was fired rather quickly.
by Ninjee Star June 20, 2011

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Spreading your shitty butt cheeks apart and stamping them around someone's eye.
After dropping an epic taco and tequila splattered deuce in the bathroom, I decided to forego the wipe and gave a "Pete the Dog" to my passed out girlfriend.
by Ninjee Star July 26, 2012

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Having the water in the toilet splash up and hit your ball sack and/or taint while taking a dump.
I ran in to the bathroom and dropped my pants just in time to unload a high pressure dump. If I didn't know better, I could have swore my dookie performed an epic cannonball from the high dive with the amount of Shitter Splatter I wiped off my sack.
by Ninjee Star March 25, 2013

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The skid marks on the panties left behind from a constant camel toe.
My girlfriend came home after a long day of wearing tight workout pants. As she seductively gazed in to my eyes while pulling her pants down, my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of her crusty "camel trail" just after the suction was released from her wedged camel-toe panties.
by Ninjee Star February 25, 2015

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