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The group of single folks, typically in their 30's, who go to singles groups or dating schemes for the purpose of trying to find men (or women). Since they've probably been dumped several times and are desperate to sell, they are known as the clearance rack.
Jamie goes to a bunch of speed-dating nights each week - she's definitely on the clearance rack.
by ninety September 19, 2007

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n. When dining in at Wendy's, it is the act of smearing a Frosty all over one's face.

This action can be done on one's own face or on another's face (the "target"). If the actor is attempting to frosty facial a "target", one effective line is: "This Frosty smells funny." When the dessert/beverage is close the target's nose, proceed to apply force on the cup towards the target's face.

Origin is unclear, although sociologists and psychiatrists suggest its first usage comes from high school track athletes from the state of Michigan.
Thompson just talked about your mom and did a Frosty facial.
by Ninety April 05, 2007

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