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Middlesbrough is a large Town in North East England and is one of the largest Urban areas in Europe without City status. Its has an Urban population of around 182,000 making it the second largest town/urban hub in the North East after Newcastle (190,000) and before Sunderland (177,000) (not so much a 'small town in Europe' anymore). However only 143,000 are located within the Borough of Middlesbrough who are actually governed by Mbro council which makes it the smallest district and Sunderland the Largest with 300,000.
Middlesbrough itself was established around 1830 and was officially incorporated in 1853. Traditionally in North Riding of Yorkshire, it was merged with Stockton, Thornaby, Eston district, Billingham and Lanbaurgh (Redcar) to form Teesside and later Cleveland County (including Hartlepool). It has some of the most stunning scenery in Europe set against the backdrop of an industrial powerhouse. It set the standrad for steel the world over and was the worlds leading area for steel and iron production. It gained the nickname 'Ironopolis' or City of Iron. Indeed Middlesbrough is responsible for the construction of many famous bridges, The Sydney Harbour bridge, Victoria Falls bridge, our own Transporter and Newport and even the symbol of Geordie pride, the Tyne bridgem was built in Middlesbrough. Famous people to spawn from middlesbrough were/are cpt. James Cook, Roy 'Chubby' Brown, Paul Daniels, Wilf Mannion, Brian Clough, Don Revvie, Chris Rea..... We also invented the Parmo (need I say more). The accent is unique and has become a modern Geordie and scouse although the stereotypical smoggie is a brash hardnut chav who drinks like a whale and swears like f***ing dunno what. All in all MINTAGE!!!
Middlesbrough is NOT spelt with an extra SOUTHERN O it is Brough not Borough.
by Nimrod282 October 22, 2006

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