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Referring to the time around Halloween when young women use the holiday as an excuse to dress like sluts without any repercussions. The term was popularized by youtuber Philip DeFranco.
Horny guy 1: "Dude, you pumped for the slootpacolypse?"

Horny guy 2: "Yeah, I heard Stacey is dressing as a cat." *sexy meow noise*
by NightHawkCommander June 28, 2013
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A deep and meaningful discussion between a group of friends, in which the members talk about there sex lives, family issues, feelings, etc. What is talked about in theses secret meetings, stays in them.
Person A: "Yeah, dude, I heard he got herpes."
Person B:"Well, thats what happens when you get blown by Angela."
Person A: "Gee, I sure do love a good old discush."
by NightHawkCommander June 26, 2013
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