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A Yeghni is a man who begins as a fun, outgoing, adventurous and exciting individual and then suddenly becomes 'Loved Up' and disappears into his shell.

This is always after he begins a relationship and follows the instructions of his partner.

Deriving from the Latin Yegah meaning snail and the ancient Hebrew Nii meaning snake, a Yeghni has very similar features of both.

Guy 1: Hey I havent seen Samir Lately, have you?

Guy 2: No my friend, he's got a girlfriend now... cor blimey, he's turned into a right old Yeghni ain't he!

Guy 1: Nooo... Samir... A Yeghni? I never thought it would happen to him.
by Nigel Fact Bookman March 19, 2009

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Porn with muted Audio watched usually by young males at their parents house without wanting to make it known to the house members that they are bashing their bishop.
Samir: Don't you hate watching porn with no sound?
Kev Mac: What... mute porn? yeah I hate it, have to do some stealth bishop bashing
by Nigel Fact Bookman July 29, 2011

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An Old school entertainment device, invented in the 1970's along with other whack stuff like the Abacus. It was a Loud Video Cassette that the whole street could hear in the machine. Was replaced by the VHS.
Anthony: Did you hear Kev Mac rewinding a porn clip from Benidorm on his Beetamax last night?

Quinthorp: Ha ha... the Beetamax is such a loud functional device... of course I heard it
by Nigel Fact Bookman July 29, 2011

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