12 definition by Nige

a chewed piece of food, not slang on its own but see it combined with masticate to devastating effect: the bane of biology teachers everywhere.
i can't be bothered to write the example twice, just click the masticate thingy.
by nige April 19, 2004

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A level of stupidity associated with the bottom 5% of society
That girl is thick as mince
by Nige November 10, 2004

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Learn to spell you inbred scally wanker.
Bunch of retarded miscrients of molecular mass ripped from the exterior of a tender scrotum suffering from genital warts.
"err ar yo kick fuk outa mosher greecy wanker"..fucking pumphead
by Nige November 14, 2004

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A large hairy axe wound, or a large Pork casing - vagina
you could tell she's had a couple of kids, as it was as loose as as a poachers sack, more like throwing a sausage down a dark alley !
by Nige September 17, 2003

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an ugly girl who will swallow/take any type of 'meat' from anything with a pulse.
its the end of night and you still havent pulled anything decent, so in desperation you revert to a 'butchers dog'
by nige September 18, 2003

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