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Both the electric guitar and the synthesizer are electricity based instruments. The main difference is that a synth player is looking for affection from his instrument, rather than from his female fans.

Oh and the synthesizer is played with keys that trigger oscillators, which are led through a series of customizable filters to shape the final sound, whereas the electric guitar is played by touching strings moving in the mangetic field of the pickup coils, or not at all if the amount of affectionate female fans prohibits this. A solution for the guitarist finding himself in this situation is to touch the strings of the female fans.

Synth players who think that the fans are coming too close are advised to buy more synths and build a little synth fortress around themselves on stage.
After getting married, John decided to buy himself a synthesizer to replace his now useless guitar.

Even though he played nothing but synthesizers, the artist had a huge share of good looking female fans.

Bill used to play guitar just to get some, but later found out he actually had musical talent and hence switched to synthesizers.
by Nicolas Herdwick November 16, 2006

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