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A person whether attracted or not to children that go rape and molest children. This term, is not to be confused by Pedophile. Yes there are podophiles who molest, but in majority, a molester is not a pedophile. It has been shown that about 80 to 90% of child molestation has been done my people which hasnt have any attraction to children in the first place.

Many specialists in human sexuality have stated quite clearly that there is a clear distinction between the two. Furthermore, they have shown that much of the child molestation that takes place is at the hands of people who are not pedophiles at all.

As you can see, much child sexual abuse takes place at the hands of non-pedophiles. So who are these child molesters? The psychiatric community defines a ‘situational offender’ as a person who is normally attracted to adults but for one reason or another has turned to a child for sexual satisfaction. He may have poor social skills that make it difficult for him to find a partner within his primary attraction group. He may be in a sexless relationship. He may be alone after the dissolution of a relationship. Whatever the case may be, he is often also in a situation where children are available. Perhaps these are children living in his own home or children in his neighborhood with whom he is acquainted. Perhaps he attends a church or is involved in a social group where children are present. Then a situation arises (or is created by the situational offender) that gives him the opportunity to be alone with one of these children. Maybe stress, alcohol or drugs have lowered his inhibitions and he takes advantage of the situation alone with the child to find sexual satisfaction.
John raped this 9yo girl and killed her because he hated her. He is a child molester and not a pedophile, and should be shot.
by Nickey June 27, 2006

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A Nepiophile is like a Pedophile, a person (male or Female) sexually attracted to Children, but has an attraction to a younger age like babies and Toddlers and up to preschool children.

The term does not mean having a sexual relationship with the infant. In fact dispite this attraction a majority of Nepiophiles even Pedophiles do do not seek nor have those kind of relationships. This term is reserved to Molesters. Many Nepiophiles will become close friends to 1 or 2 children (sometime more) in their life times. They will help them, protect them from any harm. The child will be happy to see him/her and sad when he/she leaves.
John (a Nepiophile) and his 2 year old girl friend went to the Zoo today to see the animals. They had a great time.
by Nickey March 13, 2006

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